Red Angus Introduction

The Red Angus program at Remington has grown substantially in the past couple of years. Initially, Red Angus females were purchased to become donors in our Yieldmaster program. These females were sourced from the very best; these are superior cows in terms of phenotype and performance. In the fall of 2008, the entire Lazy M Red Angus herd was purchased, and this herd is full of maternal power. Also in the fall of 2008 a very special heifer became part of our program. She is Red Brylor Bonita 204T. We believe we secured half interest in the best Red Angus heifer we have seen in Bonita 204T. She’s had her first calf and looks terrific with a great udder; we made an excellent choice!

With the addition of more Red Angus females, we searched and found some sire power. A semen interest in the Brylor Big Rock bull was added, as well as our new herd bull Red Brylor 64K Question 64U. He is a maternal brother to Mulberry 26P and is a superb young bull.

Red Angus females will continue to add great value to this breeding operation, whether through raising straight Red Angus bulls or Yieldmasters.



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