Black Angus Introduction

We are excited about a program we started about five years ago – our Straight Canadian Angus program. We started by selecting some of the best Straight Canadian genetics we could find, some of which aren’t available anywhere else. We have selected some elite pedigrees in the Straight Canadian cows we’ve added to our donor program and combined these with great old genetics to produce some outstanding progeny. We have made some great strides in our bull pen during the last two years with the first crop of Remington Spartan 93R calves being well accepted. Some of our older herd bulls like Angus AcresTom Boy, Ronan Tex 56A and PAK 17P have daughters in production now. This year’s highlight was the arrival of the first Old Post calves. His sons and daughters will make history in the years to come. With the combination of our new herd bulls and older herd sires, our Straight Canadian program is looking very promising.



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